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I hate getting old. [Feb. 5th, 2011|01:11 pm]
Went for a checkup last week.

Good news, everything else checks out OK.

Bad news, still have high cholesterol, but I knew that already.

Good news, it's not related to diet. There's apparently another bunch of stuff that gets ingested with cholesterol from foods and my levels are normal, so it's not from eating a lot of greasy stuff (not that I do anyway).

Bad news, it's natural body cholesterol generation. Probably genetic, given my grandfather died of a heart attack and my dad had one 10 years ago.

Good news, I can take medication for it.

Bad news, I also have elevated liver enzymes which might prevent the medication from working, as it could be hepatitis or something.

Good news, I did donate blood last week and they should have informed me about the results of the blood screening.

Bad news, I have to take a pill every day now.


At least it's not Asian bird flu.